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Last Modified: May 3, 2023

Not all the Sparkling Wines are Champagne. Even though I love Sparkling wines, I must recognize that Champagne is the king of bubbles. I had the idea that Champagne was very expensive. However, I did some research within this category of wine and realized an extensive tasting now I am happy to contribute a little bit to your Champagne journey and recommend you a reasonable quality price for Champagnes under $50.

So enjoy the king of wines without the splurge! I have the Best Champagnes under $50.

Remember: Champagne is only Made in Champagne France! Let’s revisit a bit this type of wine. First, Champagne is only made in Champagne, France, outside of Paris. All the other ones, called Method Champegnoise, Sparkling Wines, or Method Traditional, are not Champagne, so heads up for your next Champagne purchase. Also, constantly review where it is produced -the region- as labels often need to be clarified.

Andre Jacquart Brut Experience Blanc de Blancs $45.99

Brilliant pale gold with a persistent mousse. Aromas, flavors of green pear apples, and toasted bread on the nose, with distinct wet stone minerality. Lush, creamy mousse upon entry, rich, complete, and crisp, with warm toasty elements. Explosive aged Chardonnay elements, intense minerality, and great depth of flavor. Length and persistence of Burgundian style Chardonnay in the finish. Regardless of whether a festive occasion, high aperitif class, or with dinner, it deserves to be enjoyed with delicate dishes such as a Sole “Meuniere,” steamed lobster, or halibut.

Pol Roger $49.99


I was curious to try this Champagne from Eppernay, France—aromas of lemon, apple, pear, honey, and bread. The palate is fruit forward of lemon, green apples, white flowers, and butter. A lot of acidity and bubbles could be more persistent. I liked it, but it is light bubbly. This Brut Non-Reserve was served at the 2018 Royal Weddings. Being from an English House, you will not expect less.

Pierre Gimmonel & Fils $49.96


This Champagne was a suggestion from a salesperson at an Astoria, NY, liquor store. He said it was his favorite. So I decided to try this Champagne in a red wine glass to open up more aromas. This 100% Chardonnay from Côte des Blancs offers white flowers, toast, bread, lemon, and banana aromas. I love the palate’s minerality very well balanced, particularly the persistence of the bubbles. Read more here.

Paul Laurent Brut  $26.95


Beautiful Champagne with orange peels and herbs aromas and a delicious mouthfeel is an excellent addition to your wine menu for a great price. Paul Laurent Brut is from the village of Bethon, just south of Epernay. Read more here

Vollereax Brut $39.99

I have had Vollereaux Brut a few times already and is a Champagne features scents of ripe fruit and is delicate and well-balanced, with appealing fruitiness tastes and a creamy mousse. It has a medium acidity, which adds richness and a fresh character, and it is ready to drink.

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