Vins de Chablis: One Region, One Grape, One of a kind

Vins de Chablis hosted an aperitif in Hotel Arlo Nomad New York on a beautiful October afternoon.
Courtney Schiessl-Cabrini, Sommelier and Wine Journalist, graciously directed the wine
experience. The location, Studio 1 at Arlo Nomad offered a cozy and intimate setting to enhance
the autumn afternoon and get us into an inspiring vibe to re-discover Chablis.

One Region

Chablis is a French wine region that focuses on the production of Chardonnay—located in the
most northern part of Burgundy not very far from Paris. Chablis is a wine region that
connoisseurs often associate with perfection. A lot of dedication and hard work is made one of
the best, if not the best, Chardonnay of the world.

Chablis has had many vintages that have been delivering one of the most representative of the
terroir. However, I often like to taste different vintages with different producers because even
when the grape is growing in the same region, the success of premium wine is their
winemaking. Moreover, it is well known that the vintage 2019 in Chablis was one for the books.
But, on the other hand, the 2020 vintage, despite the challenges, is one of my favorites because
it brings bright acidity and potential to age.

One Grape

Forget about what you know of Chardonnay if you haven’t tasted a Chardonnay from Chablis. In
France, the wine is instead labeled by the region it is produced where rather than with the grape
it is made of, which is often confusing, but once you get a grasp on it, you can not stop, but
instead, you want to keep learning more about the Wines of France. During the wine
experience, we discussed the four sub-appellations of Chablis.

Maison Simonet-Febvre Petit Chablis 2019

Domaine Vincent Damp Petit Chablis 2020

Domaine Céline et Frederic Gueguen Chablis 2019 @

Domaine Drohuin Vaudon Chablis, 2019

These wines were served with an array of fresh and raw vegetables, mushrooms, shrimp, and
cheese. On the one hand, I loved to pair the Petit Chablis with raw vegetables and feta cheese.
On the other hand, the Chablis was paired with shrimps and artichoke bites with crème fraîche was exquisite.

One of a Kind

The region has a particular combination of soils, climate, and altitude that produce very
distinctive wine, often chalky, dry, and an eloquent mineral taste. But that is often the generic
description of Chablis. I was particularly stunned to appreciate the citrus aromas and flavors on
Petit Chablis. I found it amazing that I can even pair it with Asparagus, the vegetable most
challenging to pair with wine.

The Terroir in Chablis is unique. However, is not everything about the terroir on Chablis. As we
learned more about the Petit Chablis and Chablis, I also appreciate the dedication of the many
producers that have a passion for producing premium wines.
Learn more about Vins de Chablis here.

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