3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mindful Drinking

Dry January or Sober October, some people quit the joy of enjoying wine or spirits during the whole month. I have never followed those campaigns. I considered them once but learned that limiting yourself to the little enjoyments of life is not a long-lasting solution after all. Since then, I have been looking for new ways to enjoy every day but prioritizing health and embracing Mindful Drinking. Having psoriasis for all my life has made me very conscious about what I eat, drink, and enjoy daily. As a Wine Specialist and promoter of Mindful Drinking, I will give you 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mindful Drinking and set your mind to win! 

  1. Get a Diary and Write your Tasting Notes
    1. Writing Tasting Notes is a practice that has helped me to count the number of wines I have tasted of particular regions or styles. But, moreover has made me more conscious of the moment when I am enjoying wine at home, for instance. If I am enjoying wine at a restaurant or with friends, this practice is more difficult, not to say almost impossible, but still, I take a picture of the wine I am enjoying so I can at least make a pause and, in my mind make a conscious moment of that glass of that wine that I am enjoying and keeping track.
  2. Take a Breathe in within Sips
    1. Breathe, just breathe. It might sound like recycled advice, but how often have you done this while drinking wine? Change is always mechanical and becomes a habit with repetition.
  3. Have a list of Wine Regions or Wine Grapes to Explore
    1. Look forward to keeping learning and enjoying new wine grapes or regions. Nothing is more mindful than getting to draft your path in your wine-tasting journey.

Is Dry January a Campaign?

The answer is Yes. Dry January is a campaign that originated in the UK in 2011. Alcohol Change UK is an organization that has made it one of its primary missions. Since then, it has been adopted by different countries, has become mainstream and analyzed by medical professionals, and has exploded among journalists all over the internet. 

The choice is yours. Remember that Wine and Spirits should always be enjoyed in moderation, and making lifestyle changes requires time and patience. I encourage you to balance alcohol and life daily or as much as possible. Set your mind to wine and your soul will follow. Be present at the moment and find peace within you.

Not Just Mindful Drinking but Mindful

I am far from perfect, like all humans; hence, I will be pretentious to say be Mindful every moment. Therefore, I have learned to be patient with myself and try to be mindful as much as possible. Try to be conscious but making small changes has helped. For instance, using natural products and practices that allow me to take care of myself, such as my skincare routine, and lately, stop using synthetic products.

Also, eating wholesome foods, fresh vegetables, and fruits and minimizing processed foods has significantly changed my flow.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mindful Drinking

What else I am doing?


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