Meet the Winemaker: Marcelo Pellereti

This year, I was fortunate to come across great wines from Argentina. One of them was the 1853 Old Vine Estate. Moreover, I had the pleasure to Meet the Winemaker: Marcelo Pellereti via zoom. Pellereti is one of the few winemakers worldwide that do two harvests yearly, one in Mendoza and one in Pomerol, France.

As I received the samples, I noticed their 94 points sticker, and I told myself I had never had such a high-rated wine. So often overlook such ratings, but it’s still valuable information. Little did I know that the winemaker behind such a winery, Marcelo Pelleriti was world-renowned and was the first Argentine winemaker to get 100 Parker Points for one of his wines (La Violette, from Pomerol). So I got curious and even more happy to have had the opportunity to meet him over a Virtual Tasting and get to know more about his wine-making practices.

In Uco Valley, Marcelo fosters the entire elaboration process, managing the vineyards from pruning to harvest, ensuring the fruit is superior in quality. In addition, he is at the forefront of exploring innovative and traditional wine-making techniques, including micro-vinification.

The virtual masterclass with Marcelo Pelleriti

During the tasting, we tried the 1853 Old Vine Estate Grand Reserve Heritage Malbec 2016. This one is a gran vino, produced with handpicked fruit, fermented with barrel rotation using micro-vinification methods. It was 24 months in a barrel and 12 months in a bottle before release. It provides secondary and tertiary aromas and flavors. This wine represents Marcelo’s dedication and passion and will continue to develop to reach its full potential with time.

We also had the Selected Parcel 1853 Old Vine Estate Malbec 2019. Stainless steel fermentation and secondary fermentation in barrels. Aged 12 months in the barrel and 12 months in the bottle before its release. These aromas are exceptional; black fruit and oaky notes on the nose that are also present on the palate. Soft and balanced tannins with a smooth and elegant finish, a true jewel for such an affordable price!

Marcelo is a young and adventurous soul. At least, that’s the vibe I got from him through zoom, which I am happy he continues to embrace so we can connect from different hemispheres. It is summer in Argentina, while we are freezing in New York and Marcelo just returned from France a week ago. Yet he said that he would be visiting the US next year. So I was pleased to get to e-meet him due to the invitation I received from Luciana Dudovich. Lu is a Latinas Wine Club Ambassador, and the Malbec Ambassador is, among many other things, the Ambassador of Pelleritis’ Wine Brands. So she cordially invited me to the virtual tasting. Thank you, Lu!

Meet the Winemaker: Marcelo Pellereti
Meet the Winemaker: Marcelo Pellereti

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