Does someone care about Mexican Wine? Yes, We Care

Carlos Puig, a well-known writer, and actor in Mexico wrote an analysis regarding the latest Mexican Wine trends and Real Estate Development in the Valle de Guadalupe. During the research, he describes a situation that should concern the authorities, such as the rapid growth of tourism in the Valley.

Yet the analysis is critical of the current state; Puig’s article title made me think. From my perspective, a young Mexican professional and wine enthusiast trying to bring awareness of Mexican Wine in the Northeast of the US, the answer to such question is yes, and we care about Mexican Wine.

Being a Latina in the Wine Industry, such as the Founder of a Wine Club focused on providing wine education for the Latina Community and being a blogger, gives me access to many wine events. Moreover, being in New York, one of the epicenters of Wine Culture in the world, I wondered why Mexican Wine was nowhere to be seen. 

Hence, since there were no wine events regarding Mexican Wine in the northeast, I’ve hosted a few of them already. Furthermore, three years ago, I started social media channels dedicated to widespread wine awareness of Wines of Mexico. We are on Instagram and, recently, on Facebook. However, the effort continues, and we have news.

Vinos con Alma

First, I am stepping up the game, and it’s time to launch the first version of the website to keep up with the growing demand for information on Wines of Mexico: Vinos con Alma. 

Second, I am proud to share that Mexican Consulate in New York @consulmenxny has reached out and wants to collaborate to bring a more proactive plan and support Mexican Wine in New York. I have talked to government officials for over a year now and am happy that we are finally joining efforts to spread the history and stories of Mexican Wines.

I hope that you join my efforts! Tag #winesofmx whenever you see a Mexican Wine in the US. Moreover, when you visit Valle de Guadalupe or any other of the newest wine regions in Mexico, spread the love and awareness for Mexican Wine.


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